Protect your bales with bale wrappers.

Bale Wrappers | Vermeer

With a Vermeer silage wrapper, you can get out and cut your crop when it’s at its best, for the highest nutritional value. Wrapped bales also show less leaf loss and damage, and you can store them out-of-doors, eliminating the need for additional out buildings.


SBW4000 Single Bale Wrapper | Vermeer Agriculture Equipment

Looking for a value-priced, individual silage wrapper without all the extras? The SBW4000 handles smaller packaged bales and features a low-profile wrapping table. This basic silage wrapper features static operational control for part-time operators looking to do a small to moderate amount of baleage. The SBW4000 can wrap 5 ft x 5 ft (1.5 m x 1.5 m) bales


SW2500 Bale Wrapper

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Recent news

August 22, 2017
With a nod to the increasing popularity of baleage across North America, Vermeer adds three new single bale wrappers to their hay tool offering. The SBW4000, SBW8000 and SBW8500 are the latest bale wrappers that turn high-moisture hay bales into individually wrapped baleage packages.