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Crystalline Silica

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Crystalline Silica

U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently issued a new Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard applicable to the construction industry. Enforcement for most of the provisions in the standard has begun. Learn more at:

OSHA Crystalline Silica Overview

NIOSH Silica-Safe Informational Primer

This regulation is currently in effect for the United States, and the European Union is working on implementing similar regulation to be in effect sometime in 2018.

Silica dust is created during some operations using Vermeer equipment. Operations that cut, saw, grind, or drill concrete, rock, block, or brick may release silica dust. As a contractor working in the US, and soon in the European Union, it is important that you understand methods you can use to mitigate this hazard.  The following links may help you create a mitigation plan for your employees:

Silica specified exposure control methods table

NIOSH Work Safety with Silica 

NIOSH Learning From Each Other


It is important that you are aware of jobsite hazards and utilize methods to avoid them. Always read and understand your equipment’s Operator’s Manual. Please go to the Safety web page at Vermeer.com for more information:

Vermeer.com - Safety

A written plan calls for a Competent Person.  Contact local OSHA office for Competent Person training.

Contact local OSHA office for monitoring equipment and information regarding sending samples.

OSHA - Regional and Area Offices

Local Municipalities could have additional requirements.

Acronyms used in OSHA guidelines:

PEL – Permissible Exposure Limits

PLHCP – Physician or other Licensed Health Care Professional

TWA – Time-Weighted Average

µg/m3 – Micro grams per cubic meter


Trenching and Excavation Safety

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Safety and Health Regulations for Construction

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Confined Spaces

OSHA - Safety and Health Topics: Confined Spaces


Electrical Safety

OSHA - Understanding "Arc Flash"

OSHA - Electrical Safety for General Industry


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