Vermeer Introduces Silver Series™ Drill Rod

PELLA, Iowa, February 28, 2017 – Vermeer has bolstered its industry-leading line of HDD
tooling and accessories with the addition of the Silver Series drill rod. Building on the tradition of
the acclaimed Firestick® drill rod, Silver Series drill rod gives contractors a quality aftermarket drill
rod at an economic price.

“There are many similarities between Firestick drill rod and Silver Series drill rod, including the threading and column wall thickness, but there are differences that help us keep a lower price,” said Dave Van Wyk, senior director of Lifecycle at Vermeer. “Firestick drill rod is the industry gold standard, as it offers unmatched quality and steering performance meant for the biggest and toughest jobs. Silver Series drill rod is a close second in terms of performance, giving operators a solid, cost effective option.”

Like other lower tier options on the market, Silver Series drill rod is composed of S135 common grade steel. But unlike others, it is threaded in the same state-of-the- art facility and subject to the same rigorous quality inspection process as Firestick drill rod.

In addition, Firestick drill rod and Silver Series drill rod have the same column wall thickness, which is thinner than some competitive drill rod options. Van Wyk said this is why Vermeer drill rod provides superior longevity and steering performance.

“Thicker column walls, while cheaper to manufacture, require more force to steer. That can put unbalanced stress on the connections and lead to premature thread wear and even joint failure,” said Van Wyk. “The Silver Series drill rod has the same wall thickness-to-connection strength ratio proven on Firestick drill rod.”

Silver Series drill rod is now available in four sizes: 1.66" (4.2 cm), 1.9" (4.8 cm), 2.06" (5.2
cm), and 2.375" (6 cm) for use on the D7x11 through the D24x40 S3 Navigator® HDD models,
including all current and legacy models in between.

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