Features and benefits

Length (Minimum Transport) 444 " 1127.8 cm
Width (Minimum Transport) 100 " 254 cm
Height (Minimum Transport) 135.6 " 344.4 cm
Weight 74000 lbs 33565.8 kg
Angle of Approach 19 deg
Make and Model CAT C13 ACERT Tier 4i
Fuel Type Diesel
Maximum Engine RPM 2150 rpm
Gross Horsepower 415 hp 309.5 kw
Aspiration Turbocharged and after-cooled
Max Fuel Consumption 20.8 gph 78.7 lph
Maximum Operating Angle (Fore/Aft)* 30 degrees
Maximum Operating Angle (Left/Right)* 30 degrees
Thrust 242100 lbs 1076.9 kN
Pullback 242100 lbs 1076.9 kN
Maximum Carriage Speed at Maximum Engine RPM 120 ft/min 36.6 m/min
Maximum Carriage Speed in Low at Maximum Engine RPM 34 ft/min 10.4 m/min
Maximum Spindle Torque (Low at Maximum Engine RPM) 30200 ft-lb 40945.8 Nm
Maximum Spindle Torque (Medium at Maximum Engine RPM) 21100 ft-lb 28607.8 Nm
Maximum Spindle Torque (High at Maximum Engine RPM) 12100 ft-lb 16405.4 Nm
Maximum Spindle Speed at Max Engine RPM 164 rpm
Maximum Ground Drive Speed at Maximum Engine RPM 2.4 mph 3.9 km/h
Automated Rod Loader No
Noise Level at Operator's Ear 85 dB(A)
Fuel Tank 134 gal 507.2 L
Hydraulic Tank 166 gal 628.4 L
Hydraulic System 200 gal 757.1 L
Maximum Flow 330 gpm 1249.2 L/min
Maximum Pressure 1200 psi 82.7 bar
Brand Weatherford
Maximum Lifting Capacity 5950 lbs 2698.9 kg
Maximum Lifting Capacity - Boom Extended/Max Reach 2600 lbs 1179.3 kg
Rotation 406 deg
Maximum Reach 319 " 810.3 cm
Optional Crane Yes
Umbilical Remote No
Wireless Remote Yes
Breakout System Open-top, dual clamp, 10-1/2" diameter opening
Drilling Lights Yes
Flow Indicator Yes
Stakedown System No
Cab Yes
Strike Alert Yes
Remote Lockout Yes
Operator Presence Yes


Horizontal Drilling Techniques - Drilling in Loam

Ever wonder what’s going on underground when a bore is performed? See how HDD tooling and steering techniques are essential to the successful completion of pilot bore and pullback.