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Driving new and creative ways to responsibly manage our world’s precious natural resources

Vermeer equipment is at the heart of managing natural resources around the world. Waste management contractors, tree care crews, landscapers and surface mining professionals use Vermeer equipment to reduce green waste, harvest alternative energies including solar and biomass, and precisely extract valuable minerals and resources from the earth. Every day, these customers use Vermeer equipment to responsibly manage our natural resources.


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Through routine maintenance of overgrown trees, removing unsightly stumps or cleaning-up after devastating storms, our environmental customers cut, chip and grind so we can enjoy greenscapes in our daily lives.

The Vermeer line of brush chippers help customers reduce wood-waste, branches and brush into a more manageable size. From moving logs to large rocks and dirt to gravel, mini skid steers and their attachments help customers handle a variety of materials found on a tree care, rental or landscaping jobsite. Vermeer stump cutters take the back-breaking work out of removing stumps, chipping them away from side-to-side, layer-by-layer. Customers in these markets also use pedestrian trenchers to help install irrigation systems.



“One Vermeer brush chipper reduces my labor needs by one or two employees.”

*Information noted here was gathered by a third party who was advised his experience might be featured in marketing materials. Individual results may vary based on care and operation of machine and jobsite conditions.




Our customers help manage the pipeline, railroad and highway routes that fuel our modern lifestyle, as well as help prepare land for the development of homes, churches, schools and hospitals. After that, they responsibly process the wood and otherwise organic "waste" and give it a second life in mulch, compost or fuel.

Forestry tractors help our customers with forest thinning, right-of-way preparation and other land-clearing and maintenance projects. The whole tree chipper helps chip logs to produce wood chips that can be sold. Horizontal and tub grinders help process logs and other woody material into a useful end product. Trommel screens help separate organic waste by size to meet the needs of our customers’ customers. Compost turners turn compost piles to bring in more oxygen, helping speed up the decomposition process to help provide fertile soils.



“We’re making an impact in peoples' lives…it's priceless.”




There are untold tons of minerals in the ground because it is difficult to reach them efficiently. Our innovative Vermeer Terrain Leveler® surface excavation machines can work where the traditional approach of extraction – like the use of drilling, blasting and primary crushing – doesn’t work. Vermeer machines combine raw cutting productivity with the ability to carefully extract the valuable minerals, while minimizing ground vibration allowing these machines to work closer to developed areas to extract even more than drilling and blasting.



“For site prep, deadlines are everything. One of the keys to our success is speed and our Vermeer surface excavation machine enhances that.”



As Vermeer machines help contractors extract minerals from the earth in the most efficient ways, we also seek ways to use and capture alternative energy sources such as sunlight. Our robust PD10 pile driver installs the posts on which panels are mounted for commercial-scale solar production. To help make solar an efficient contributor to the world's energy demands, contractors look to Vermeer to help improve their productivity and accuracy.


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