Connect people

Connecting the world to the necessities of life

From telecommunications and electricity to water and sewer utilities and energy pipelines, infrastructure contractors use Vermeer equipment to help connect the world to the necessities of life.



The Vermeer lineup of horizontal directional drills helps customers overcome challenges on the jobsite with faster tracking and drill speed, overall simplicity for operator use and sound reduction for quieter use. Utility jobsites require tough, technical and physical work. Vermeer drills play a part in connecting the world to water, heat, electricity and fiber - the necessities of life.


“One of my biggest accomplishments is knowing that after I’m done, this location will be stable and people will have their utilities.”


Through some of the world’s toughest landscapes, customers use Vermeer drills, as well as trenchers and reclaimers, to bring resources from the land to oil refineries and, subsequently, to communities around the world. Vermeer equipment cuts through tough rock formations to drive pipeline installation. If a customer encounters roads or rivers through the jobsite, a drill is used for underground installation, while reclaimers recycle drilling fluid at the jobsite.



“It meant a lot that Vermeer could bring water, sewer and fiber lines so we could build a new school. It changed lives. We left a mark and it’s a better place.”


Around the world there is work to be done. The Vermeer impact helps drive new and creative ways to connect people to the necessities of life. Every day, challenges await us, but we are ready. Ready to work, to respond and to make an impact.



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