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Vermeer Mini Skid Steer: How to operate the controls

Tune into a how-to video with Brett Newendorp, Landscape Market Manager at Vermeer as he talks through how to use the controls on the Vermeer mini skid steer line-up.


Brett Newendorp:          

Hello, I'm Brett Newendorp, landscape market manager at Vermeer Corporation. Today, I'd like to show you how to operate the controls on a lineup of Vermeer Mini Skid Steers. I'm on our S925tx Mini Skid Steer. Many Vermeer Mini Skid Steers have the same control layout as this so note any differences on your machine versus this S925tx. Starting on our left-hand side we have a pilot-operated ground drive control that allows for variable transport speed in both forward and reverse. Pushing forward on this stick of course is your forward transport while pulling back on the stick is reverse. You have counter-steering capabilities to the right and to the left, as well as variable turning radius depending on which direction you push the stick.

On the right-hand side of our control station we have a green-handled, dual-axis joystick for the loader arm controls. Pulling back on this green control will raise the loader arms, whereas, pushing forward on the stick will lower the loader arms. Pushing all the way forward into a detent position with this green handle will put the loader arms into a float position. The dual-access joystick can also be turned to the right to tilt the attachment plate down, whereas, pulling it to the left will curl the attachment plate, depending on need and application. We also have on this machine two hydraulic flow controls that are labeled yellow.

In the center we have our standard or high-flow control that can be detented in the forward or the reverse position. This is useful for attachments such as a trencher or an auger where you have a need for a higher flow. Off with your right hand there is a lower flow control valve that has a return to center. This is useful for attachments such as a grapple or a four-in-one bucket ... anything that has a cylinder. At the far right side you'll find a variable throttle control. At the rear of the control panel there is indicator lights or a display for any warnings from the engine or from the machine. Thanks for watching this video on how to operate a Vermeer Mini Skid Steer. For more information on how our Vermeer Mini Skid Steer could help your landscape operation, visit

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