S725TX Mini Skid Steer

One of the most versatile machines. The newest Vermeer mini skid steer can handle a wide array of jobs –from irrigation systems and hardscape projects to tree care removal and fiber optic installations- all without sacrificing performance. Its compact size and choice of track widths makes the S725TX ideal for landscape professionals and do-it-yourself homeowners who need the ability to maneuver through gates and other tight spaces. Characterized by easy-to-use, single pilot-operated joysticks and an operator’s station that keeps you out of jobsite debris, the new S725TX offers the ultimate in both operator comfort and safety.

Features and benefits

  • A conveniently placed auxiliary lever by the loader arm controls, allows operators to multitask.
  • Dedicated spring-cushioned operator platform keeps the operator out of the mud and debris.
  • The dual hydraulic auxiliary option adds a second dedicated low-flow hydraulic circuit to optimize operator efficiency when powering attachments.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.
Design Stand-on/track-drive
Length with Standard Bucket 106 " 269.2 cm
Length without Standard Bucket 84 " 213.4 cm
Width with Standard Bucket 42 " 106.7 cm
Width Without Standard Bucket 36 " 91.4 cm
Height 57 " 144.8 cm
Height (to Hinge Pin) 84.5 " 214.6 cm
Ground Clearance 6 " 15.2 cm
Weight (Standard Bucket, Diesel Engine) 3020 lbs 1369.8 kg
Weight (No Bucket, Diesel Engine) 2880 lbs 1306.3 kg
Make and Model Kubota V1505-E4B
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity 14.5 gal 54.9 L
Gross Horsepower 24.8 hp 18.5 kw
Cooling System Liquid
Maximum Angle of Inclination 30 deg
Rated Operating Capacity (SAE) 750 lbs 340.2 kg
Travel Speed 4.5 mph 7.2 km/h
Ground Pressure (Narrow Tracks) 4.1 psi 28.3 kPa
Ground Pressure (Wide Tracks) 3.2 psi 22.1 kPa
Steering Single, pilot-operated joystick
Lift Single, dual axis
Curl Single, dual axis
Hydraulic System Flow 13.5 gpm 51.1 L/min
Hydraulic System Pressure 2950 psi 203.4 bar
Tank capacity 11.5 gal 43.5 L

Collects branches, limbs and other wood waste without disturbing turf.

Model Name Brush Grapple
Width 42 " 106.7 cm
Weight 245 lbs 111.1 kg

Works as a regular bucket or scoop, but also has a dump feature for precise distribution of gravel, sand or other materials.

Model Name 4-in-1 Bucket
Width 42.5 " 108 cm
Weight 268 lbs 121.6 kg
Fill Capacity 5 cu ft .1 cu m

Level or grade ground surface.

Model Name Dozer Blade
Width 47 " 119.4 cm
Weight 120 lbs 54.4 kg

Adjustable width and heavy-duty forged steel construction to carry pavers, pallets and more.

Model Name Forged Forks
Length 32 " 81.3 cm
Width 30 " 76.2 cm
Weight 162 lbs 73.5 kg

Breaks up difficult soils and leaves them smooth.

Model Name Harley rake
Width 58 " 147.3 cm
Weight 485 lbs 220 kg

Installs irrigation line, wiring, etc. under driveways, sidewalks or other surface obstacles.

Model Name Hydraulic Boring Attachment
Width 25 " 63.5 cm
Weight 115 lbs 52.2 kg

Smooth ground surface to prepare for sod or seeding.

Model Name Land Leveler
Width 49 " 124.5 cm
Weight 170 lbs 77.1 kg

Skillfully rolls sod as it is cut, then unrolls and sets it firmly.

Model Name Mini Sod Roller/Unroller
Width 50 " 127 cm
Weight 160 lbs 72.6 kg

Breaks up packed soils and perform other tasks with this versatile attachment.

Model Name Multi-task tool (includes job pole)
Width 24 " 61 cm
Weight 120 lbs 54.4 kg

Dig more efficiently in difficult soil conditions.

Model Name Power Shovel
Width 32 " 81.3 cm
Weight 162 lbs 73.5 kg

Cleans up paved surfaces.

Model Name Rotary Broom, Manual Angle
Width 42 " 106.7 cm
Weight 400 lbs 181.4 kg

Scoop up larger rocks without removing soil

Model Name Rock Bucket
Width 42 " 106.7 cm
Weight 166 lbs 75.3 kg
Fill Capacity 4 cu ft .1 cu m

Heavy duty construction lets you pick up scrap metal, tires and other industrial waste.

Model Name Scrap Grapple Bucket
Width 36 " 91.4 cm
Weight 315 lbs 142.9 kg

Efficiently moves snow from walkways, driveways and parking lots.

Model Name Snow Blower
Width 48 " 121.9 cm
Height 57 " 144.8 cm
Weight 490 lbs 222.3 kg
Auger Diameter Options 14"

Digs narrow trenches for irrigation pipe, utility lines, and more.

Model Name Standard Trencher
Trencher Depth 48 " 121.9 cm
Trencher Width 6 " 15.2 cm

Gain an extra edge with a bucket designed to dig.

Model Name Tooth Bucket
Width 42 " 106.7 cm
Weight 182 lbs 82.6 kg
Fill Capacity 4 cu ft .1 cu m

Transport trees across jobsites.

Model Name Tree Forks
Length 45 " 114.3 cm
Width 24.5 " 62.2 cm
Weight 169 lbs 76.7 kg

Installs irrigation pipe or utility lines with minimal disruption to the turf.

Model Name Vibratory Plow
Weight 340 lbs 154.2 kg
Maximum Cutting Depth 12 " 30.5 cm

Designed for one pass seed bed preparation.

Model Name Soil Renovator
Width 53 " 134.6 cm
Weight 590 lbs 267.6 kg

Helps collect branches, limbs and other wood waste without disturbing turf.

Model Name Rotating Log Grapple
Length 24.5 " 62.2 cm
Width 34.5 " 87.6 cm
Height 36 " 91.4 cm
Weight 420 lbs 190.5 kg


S725TX Mini Skid Steer

Watch the S725TX mini skid steer at work!
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