Vermeer goes the extra mile in everything we do.

At Vermeer, we’ve never limited ourselves to the task at hand. Like our founder, Gary Vermeer, we strive to do more.

Instead of simply employing the latest technologies, we invent new ones. Instead of simply serving our customers, we anticipate their needs. Instead of simply being a good neighbor, we help make the community an outstanding place to live.

We call our time-honored values the Vermeer Philosophy.

The Vermeer Philosophy:

The Vermeer philosophy strongly reflects the company’s character, encompasses the solid foundation built from decisions made in the past and planning for the organization’s present and future. The Vermeer philosophy is at the forefront of Vermeer. It’s the organization’s core principles that steer the hub which consists of Vermeer principles, people, products and profit.


Principles. At the center of our philosophy are the guidance of Biblical principles, such as striving for excellence, honesty, stewardship of resources and honoring the Golden Rule “Do for others what you want them to do for you”. 


People. Vermeer values its employees by providing a stable work environment, opportunities for growth within the Company, professional development and Company profit sharing. 



Product. Vermeer provides customers with valuable products and business solutions, helping gain and retain customers’ respect and loyalty. 



Profit. Attain a profit that will finance Company growth and provide the needed resources to gain a competitive advantage within the industry.


Principles. People. Product. Profit. That’s what we’re made of. And that’s who we are.

The principles that serve as the foundation of Vermeer inspire honesty and excellence in our business. That’s the Vermeer Extra Mile.