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Fluid Management

To meet the growing demand for soft-dig excavation techniques and help utility contractors deal with mud, water, sawdust, a sticky highway spill or a variety of other non-hazardous substances, Vermeer offers a comprehensive line-up of vacuum excavation equipment through our wholly-owned McLaughlin line and our valued alliance partner Vac-Tron equipment.


McLaughlin Vacuum Excavators
Designed for wet or dry materials, McLaughlin vacuum excavators clean out storm drains and manholes, uncover underground utilities, suck out mud, remove saw dust at mills and perform many other non-hazardous tasks.  Available in 100 gallon/379 liter to 1200 gallon/4542 liter spoil tank options for reduced dumping cycle time.

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Surface To Surface Mixers

Surface to Surface has been involved in the many aspects of Horizontal Boring and Directional Drilling for over 45 years.  From its early beginnings as a large and successful Directional Drilling and Boring Contracting firm, the Company and founder, Roger Woods saw the need for new products to assist in the drilling process.  Since these products were not available commercially, innovative solutions were developed for internal use.  These products soon became known and desired by other contractors who wished to succeed in this new and challenging industry.

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Vac-Tron Vacuum Excavation Systems
Vac-Tron machines work efficiently, collecting slurry mud behind directional drills, safely locating underground utility lines, or performing industrial clean-up of man-holes, storm drain clean out, etc. Also useful in natural disaster clean-up.

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