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Weight 57500 lbs (26081.6 kg)
Length 51.8 ' (15.8 m)
Width 8.5 ' (2.6 m)
Height 13.4 ' (4.1 m)
Type Triple axle trailer
Suspension Air-ride
Axles 10-bolt, hub-piloted, ABS ready
Certifications DOT lighting and braking
Maximum Capacity 8361 gal (31649.8 L)
Number of Tanks Three
Clean/Mix Tank Capacity 3128 gal (11840.8 L)
Scalped tank capacity Not applicable
Shaker Motion Not applicable
Shaker Type Linear or orbital
Number of Shakers Four (two motors/shaker)
Shaker Bed Area - each 26 sq. ft. (2.4 sq. m)
Number of Screens per Shaker Three
Screen Dimension 25 " x 49.25 " (63.5 cm x 125.1 cm)
Cleaning Capacity (First Cut) 300 gpm (1135.6 L/min)
Desander Capacity 1500 gpm (5678.1 L/min)
Desander Quantity/Size Three 10 " (25.4 cm) cones
Desilter Capacity 1200 gpm (4542.5 L/min)
Desilter Quantity/Size Sixteen 5 " (12.7 cm) cones
Charge motor Not applicable
Charge pump Not applicable
Mixing/Agitation motor Not applicable
Mixing/Agitation pump Not applicable
Desilter motor Not applicable
Desilter pump Not applicable
Genset Not applicable
Pit pump Not applicable
Trailer Not applicable
Auto-pit pump Not applicable
Mud box Not applicable
Scalped tank capacity Not applicable
Optional canopy Not applicable
Optional wireless remote Not applicable
Optional power wash system Not applicable