Why Vermeer?

3,000 team members around the world getting tough work done

Our nearly 3,000 team members located at manufacturing facilities and regional offices around the world help provide customers with the products, services and support needed to get tough work done. How do we do it?

A caring culture. When you ask Vermeer team members what sets us apart, they’ll probably mention something about our caring culture. You’ll hear about team members contributing their PTO to others in need or traditions like bringing in chocolate chip cookies to announce a new baby. But caring culture is more than that at Vermeer. Every day, teams focus on communicating effectively, providing recognition and encouraging one another to learn and grow, all to continue serving our customers and their needs.


“Vermeer takes pride in not only their employees, but their employees’ families. Where else can you work in this area that offers daycare, a health clinic and pharmacy for employees and families?”


An unwavering customer focus. The team behind the yellow iron puts customers first and works every day to exceed their expectations. We commit to quality in everything we do for them and work hard to build relationships to understand and anticipate what our customers really need from us. We then act quickly to deliver on those needs.


“I am most proud to know that we are bringing solutions to customers all over the world by providing durable equipment that they rely on to get the job done.”



Demonstrating agility. In the early 1990s, Vermeer began a journey of commitment to lean principles as an alternative to continuously adding more buildings, people and resources to meet customer needs. That focus serves as the foundation that gives Vermeer the agility to spot and seize market-changing opportunities as we work to deliver what’s value-added for the customer.


“In our lean journey, I like seeing the inventory get more organized, which in turn, helps create less inventory.”


Stewardship at work. Our lean foundation serves as a continuous opportunity to utilize our resources well. Vermeer team members treat resources as if they are their own, all in an effort to position us for success in serving our customer today and well into the future.



Want to find a pathway to fulfilling your career passion? Come to Vermeer.

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