Feed and fuel

Helping to nourish a healthy and vibrant food supply

Worldwide, farmers and ranchers use Vermeer agricultural equipment as they help nourish a healthy and vibrant food supply and support alternative energy sources. They excel at harvesting crops for haying, feeding and bedding applications as well as crop residues for the biomass industry.

Vermeer hay tools helps customers better feed their livestock, and in turn feed the world. Our forage customers put up enough hay to feed their livestock for an entire year. Not only do they need a certain amount of hay, but they need high-quality hay that allows beef and dairy cattle to produce the best beef and milk for consumers.

Putting up hay isn’t as simple as some people think; it takes people, equipment and a lot of work in a short amount of time. Vermeer helps by aiming to ease this process for our customers with durable equipment that is easy to operate. Vermeer equipment provides the complete haying solution.


“We work hard to produce a good, fresh product, and the end result is New York City school children are drinking our milk. We’re pretty proud of that.”



Mowers cut the crop from the field, leaving it spread flat across the field. Our customers could then use tedders to help rotate the hay to allow it to reach the appropriate level of moisture for baling. Once the hay reaches that magic moisture level, the crop is raked into windrows, making it ready to be picked up with a baler.



"I wish everyone could spend a day on the farm, at least to see where their groceries come from. We try and work our hardest to help feed the world.”



After preparing the crop, customers follow the windrows with the iconic yellow round balers to pick up and shape the crop into the giant bales we see in farm fields across the Midwest. And many of the bales get wrapped after they’re made. Vermeer Net and plastic wrap helps protect the bales and their nutrient value, which helps ensure a customer’s livestock can enjoy high-quality feed throughout the year.


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