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Vermeer MUD Hub

The Vermeer MUD Hub is a modular, purpose-built system that helps control the cost and complexity of the fluid waste management processes needed for efficient drilling and utility installation operations today. The MUD Hub is a combination of two machines – Vermeer ST2000 slat tank and the Surface to Surface FL-243 solidification mixer. The combination of these two machines takes installation slurry and processes it into a drip free, stackable semi-solid for convenient transport and disposal.


Speaker 1:           Hours on the road mean hours off the job site, and less product in the ground. Now, there's a solution to help solve your problem, the Mud Hub. The Mud Hub is a mobile slurry solidification system that can be centrally located to all of your work sites or set up right on the job.

Speaker 1:           Drive right up to the ST2000 Slat Tank and dump your mud directly into the tank. The conveyor will transport the material to the FL-243 solidification mixer for processing.

Speaker 1:           Super absorbent polymer is added to the slurry and mixed together in the heavy duty flail.

Speaker 1:           This mixture quickly sets into a semi-solid product for convenient transport and disposal. To help you save time and hassle while getting the job done, contact your local Vermeer dealer to learn more about the Vermeer Mud Hub.

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