Our Global Impact

Vermeer customers are at the forefront of progress as they rely on our high-quality equipment, reliable products, local experience and exceptional customer service to help them more efficiently and responsibly improve infrastructure in communities large and small, work farms and ranches of all sizes and manage natural resources from the mines of Australia to the forests of Brazil.


Improving Infrastructure

Vermeer equipment enables more efficient infrastructure work across the world that helps people stay connected to the necessities of life. Whether it’s the utility worker installing residential communications, water and sewer lines or a contractor installing a cross-country pipeline, they can efficiently improve our world through the use of Vermeer equipment.

Working Farms & Ranches

Our agricultural products are used by farmers, ranchers and livestock producers to harvest the feed products that keep animals healthy and growing. Our equipment helps them achieve better results and cost efficiencies in their haying, feeding and bedding operations. Our full-line of agriculture products also helps meet and overcome the challenges of harvesting crop residues for the fast-emerging biomass industry.

Managing Natural Resources

From waste management contractors and tree care crews, to landscapers and mining professionals, customers use our equipment to responsibly manage and utilize natural resources. Our equipment is used for reducing green waste, harvesting alternative energies including solar and biomass, and precisely and efficiently extracting valuable minerals from the earth.